“the quartet connect with the listener on songs personal, yet universal.” 



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Whiskey in the Pines' latest, "Roses", is all about keeping the faith and having a good time doing it. The Americana quartet's rollicking new number is one that you know will get audiences up and dancing within moments of its opening riffs. They encapsulate a familial soundscape with the tune, bringing listeners into a comforting anthem that reflects on how great it is just to feel alive.

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Alternative country band Whiskey In The Pines will give you ALL the feels with their latest release!

Mother Church Pew

“The song is about years and years and years ago I went through a weird transition in life where one relationship was ending and another one was beginning,” explains David Lareau, frontman of northern Florida’s Whiskey In The Pines, of the band’s new single, “Drunk With My Friends.”

Farce The Music : Exclusive Single Premiere

Today we offer you the exclusive single premiere from Florida alt-country outfit Whiskey in the Pines. "Sixteen" is a bass line driven slice of anthemic Americana in the vein of American Aquarium and Ryan Adams. It may take you back to the 90s heyday of alt-country music...

Americana UK

While Whiskey in the Pines hail from Florida, synonymous with endless sunshine and miles of beaches, the ocean is still a long way from the band’s hometown Tallahassee (not so far from us here in Liverpool, although maybe without the endless sunshine). We’ve got a preview for you today of their new record: “Sunshine From The Blue Cactus” weaves together alt-country, folk and classic rock influences, with echoes of Son Volt and the Drive-By Truckers. 

The Daily Country : SONG PREMIERE

Florida-based quartet Whiskey in the Pines' moniker is a perfect fit for the band's heartfelt Americana which shines bright on their upcoming EP, Sunshine From The Blue Cactus. Principal songwriter David Lareau filled the collection with songs as varied as the driving "Roses" to the somber, "Drunk With My Friends," and the love paean “Do You Believe in Hell,” which connect with the listener on levels personal, and universal. Today, TDC is incredibly honored to premiere another of the album's cuts, "Sad Songs." A reflective and melancholy, yet romantic track, "Sad Songs," anchored by a gentle acoustic guitar and Lareau's warm vocals, will easily center your thoughts on the one in your heart. 

B-Sides and Badlands

 If you don’t love tacos, you’re probably just not living the right kind of lifestyle. But if you do (like us ⎯⎯ we’re chowing down as we type), you’ll also want to partake in a meaty, spicy, lettuce-y, oh-so satisfying playlist from Americana outfit Whiskey in the Pines. The Songs to Eat Tacos to While Driving to Tennessee (phew! what a mouthful!) playlist is stacked (literally tortilla shell to tortilla shell) with songs from Kathleen Edwards, Beck, Tom Petty and John Moreland, among others.

The Daily Country : Essential 8: Whiskey in the Pines

Hailing from Florida, Whiskey in the Pines bring  warm, heartfelt Americana on their new EP, Sunshine From The Blue Cactus.

Alt Root Top Ten Songs Of The Week

Whiskey in the Pines agree with Tom Petty that ‘waiting is the hardest part’ as they sing along and drive through town watching love disappear in their rear-view with “Roses”.

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